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    Question Perfect, Imperfect

    Whilst in English grammar Past Perfect and Present Perfect are terms frequently referred to, what is an Imperfect term ?
    Is there such a thing in English?
    Are there any examples?


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    Re: Perfect, Imperfect


    It corresponds to the English past-continuous tense. Read More Here

    In English, the equivalent tense is the continuous past or the structure used to.... Here are some examples of the tense in English:
    1. I was listening to some music.
    2. My parents were watching television.
    3. I used to play football when I was younger.
    Read more here: Source

    English has three different, common ways to indicate the imperfect: the past progressive ("was speaking") to show that a single action continued, the "used to" construction to show that a series of separate actions continued, and the simple past, used particularly with verbs that show state of mind or body ("was," "thought," etc.) as ongoing in the past.

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    Re: Perfect, Imperfect

    That's one answer, if you're comparing English to languages like French.

    Another answer is possible. (This is the problem with grammar. It may well be a science of sorts, but it's full of different answers to the same question.)

    It could be said that the term "perfect" in English grammar refers not to a tense, but to an aspect. In this way of looking at things, English has two tenses (past and present) and three aspects (simple or imperfective, perfect or perfective and progressive). We can then combine tenses and apsects to create past simple, present progressive and so on and so forth.

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