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    lacto ovo fish vegetarian?

    Hi, could you tell me about this...
    There are some words which describe vegetarians, such as "lacto-ovo begetarian", "fish vegetarian", and "vegan"...but how about this case?
    There's a person who doesn't eat meat (because he/she doesn't like the taste of it).

    In this case, do you call him/her a lacto ovo fish vegetarian?
    Or, do you have a specific way to say it?

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    Re: lacto ovo fish vegetarian?

    I've never heard the word 'lacto-ovo vegetarian', but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist (it does now, anyway!) - I would understand it (though I wouldn't be sure whether the lacto-ovo referred to eating/not eating milk and eggs).

    A vegetarian eats nothing but vegetables; some people don't eat meat but do eat fish - but a vegetarian I once knew didn't bother with qualifying the use of vegetrian by using a prefix; he just called them 'not proper vegetarians'. (I even know someone who sometimes eats fish, depending on the brain size - she's a marine biologist, so she knows things like that. There isn't a word for that sort of vegetarian.)

    A vegan goes several steps further than a vegetarian. A vegan doesn't use anything to with the killing of animals. They don't use leather shoes or woollen clothes. They don't drink cow's milk (because although the cow isn't killed - at least, not immediately - milk can't be supplied without a farming system that involves killing calves). They don't eat some sweet foods that are processed with animal products.

    But I'm not aware of any specialist vocabulary for this particular area.


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    Re: lacto ovo fish vegetarian?


    "Semi-vegetarian" varieties

    The following similarly named diets are not directly related to vegetarianism due to the inclusion of meat:
    • Pesco/pollo vegetarianism (pescatarianism, semi-vegetarianism, poultratarianism) will only eat certain meats depending on the particular diet (pesco-fish, pollo-fowl).
    • Flexitarianism prefer to eat vegetarian food, but make exceptions

    I think "vegetarian" ought to be restricted to a diet consisting of solely vegetable matter. Otherwise it becomes a contradiction in terms - like "Vegetarian chilli con carne" (seen on a menu).

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    Re: lacto ovo fish vegetarian?

    Thank you, BobK and Anglika!

    So...It seems this person could be called a "semi-vegetarian".

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