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    Smile hello for the first time.

    Hello, my name is Darka. I'm an English teacher . I love teaching adults, but I also have to teach children of all ages. I do not feel comfortable teaching them. I do not have enough resorces, materials, do not know exactly how to. My biggest problem is that at the moment I have a class, 14 kids, from 6 to 11, half of them finished the exact book and program I'm obliged to follow this year. The kids surprisingly love me, but I can't get rid of the feeling I'm not teaching them enough and properly. I even do not have any proper flashcards. My weekly timetable is full and although I would like to give my best and read a lot of books giving advice, I do not find the time. Any advice will be welcome.

    When teaching adults I have to follow English file and New English file books. What's your oppinion about them. I'm not happy with the English file for beginners, but my boss just would'n listen to me.

    I'm really popular with all my students, Kids like me, adult adore me, that's why I would really like to give them more than my best. How can I get new ideas about teaching any topic in English. I need more uncomplicated but effective games, both for adults and kids. By the way, I feel comfortable teaching kids from 13 years on. Why? Cause I can really comunicate with them, on their level certainly, but still.

    Thanks for any advice, help, games or anything. How well trained is a 19 year old person who has finished a secondary school , is of English nationality, and the only further education she has is finished teacher training in England? She teaches with me in a private language school in Slovenia. Although being English, sometimes I'm not sure about how well she does the work. She is more than normally self-confident, very proud of her teacher training finished course, but I keep coming across her mistakes, especially when she explains grammar. Thanks for the advice.

    Love, Darka

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    Re: hello for the first time.

    Lots of questions, Darka-- more than can be answered here, and most of which you will be able to answer yourself as you gain experience.

    First, don't worry about other teachers. All have their own ways and levels of success, and what works for one does not necessarily work for the other. Also, grammar is not everything. Work on yourself instead.

    Second, I do not know your textbooks, but knowing many others, I can imagine that they are less than adequate. With any text, however, the more experience you gain with it, the more efficient and effective it will become-- you will learn what parts work and what do not, and you will learn how to edit and supplement each lesson to suit your students. Search the internet-- there are language games and language lessons galore. And make those 'proper' flashcards yourself-- what is made for the moment is the most appropriate.

    Third, some teachers teach adults well and other teach children well. Fewer teach both well, as they require quite different skills and aptitudes. Adults and kids are like oranges and eggs: quite different fruits. Adults require explanations, rationales and confidence-building; children require attention, opportunity, and new words to use. Reason with the adults and play with the children, and the rest should follow on naturally. 13-year-olds are entering adulthood and are beginning to be open to reason (my own son excepted).

    Good luck, and don't forget to come here if you have more specific questions for any of our forums.


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