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Thread: Why, thank you.

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    Why, thank you.

    Howdy ya'll. :D

    I just signed up yesterday and this forum seems great!

    Every now and then I come across words, phrases or idioms that just kind of gets stuck in my head.
    Either it's for I like them or that they annoy me.

    With a decent dictionary it's quite easy to find out what words and more common idioms or phrases mean,
    and how they could be used. But, after scrutinizing dictionaries, ransacking the internet and racking my brain
    for "a couple of eternities", I have yet to figure out how to properly write this "Why, thank you"-expression.

    I guess I know what it means*, but I'm not really sure how to use it in writing.

    * Like if someone's surprised to recieve a compliment, reward or whatever.

    I figure that if I'm writing a "Thank you"-note, I might have had time to digest whatever led me to writing
    the note in the first place, therefore the "Why" could be unnecessary. And there would be other ways of expressing that you were surprised.

    On the few occasions where I've heard it being used in a conversation; it has been said without any pauses.
    Like as if you're not really that surprised. Just kind of adding the "why" in a way of being polite or something.

    "Why...? Thank you!" - Would seem like a sincere respond.


    "Why thank you!" - Is what I've heard.
    (I don't really have a problem with that "being polite"-thingy, it's most likely used in every language in one way or another)

    As I tend to jump back and forth, adding stuff, deleting stuff and so on, my posts might end up being unclear. Just let me know if you want me to clarify anything. I've tried making sure that it's not too confusing, but you never know... :)

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    Re: Why, thank you.

    It's that the person speaking is pleasantly surprised by something - probably a compliment. The "Why" has no particular meaning, it's an interjection like "Oh", or "Say", or "Gee".

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    Re: Why, thank you.

    Ahh... that easy?
    I should have figured..

    Maybe I was just thinking a lil too hard, trying to find out if there was more to it.

    Thank you very much!


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