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    Post Getting started as a private tutor of ESL

    Good morning,

    I found this site this morning while searching on my computer. I've been tutoring ESL and EFL at a local college in Calif. for around 8 or more years now, and in Japan for the last three summers. How do I progress as
    a tutor and become a private tutor or group tutor?

    Thank you.


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    Re: Getting started as a private tutor of ESL

    Private tuition is a tricky one to get into because it is hard to build up enough students to depend entirely on it, and private students can be unreliable. I think that some people who manage to break into niche markets can do this well; I know of someone who is successful among the Japanese community in London, which is a direction you might be able to follow as you have experience of Japan.

    When you talk about prgressing, do you mean in career terms? If so, if you don't mind my asking, to what degree are you qualified, as there is a considerable difference, certainly in some countries, in the quality and conditions of work available once you've got a master's degree.

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    Re: Getting started as a private tutor of ESL

    I just finished 2 years in Japan. I taught 3-5 year olds and in my spare time had some private students. All were recommened by a friend. I was lucky, but I found a lot more by creating my own flyer. Not just typed words advertising for private students, more like a web page to really get their attention. Start stuffing mailboxes in apts/ business's/ houses. Get the word out where you live or perhaps also in the area where you work that your available for private lessons. I charged 3,000 yen an hour and all were within 6 stations of where I lived. If you have a UNI/college near where you live, post on their student notice boards. Gaijinpot has some ads for teachers to run private lessons or company lessons for 1-2 hours one night a week.

    I started my own online company for a change of pace and the freedom to live in what ever country I choose and set my own hours. I also own a second company for teachers wishing to give a Japanese classroom a try. Creating resumes/cover pages, job searches for specific locations, price etc and prepare them for the culture shock all face when the arrive in Japan. No one is immune to that.

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    Smile Re: Getting started as a private tutor of ESL

    Hi there,

    I never had trouble finding private students - placing ads in newsagents and on supermarket noticeboards, or in cafés, at the university noticeboard in the language department and that kind of thing.

    If you are good word of mouth goes a long way.

    Plus for children see if the local school will cooperate and hand out a flyer from you - sometimes they will do that - there's no postage as teachers give the form out to children. That can work if you are offering to give the lessons at the school as extra support - it can seem that the school have more to offer to parents.

    Since doing my private tutoring around the world I created a book of one to one games and video so any private tutors viewing this who would like extra ideas please feel free to check out

    All the best

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