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    Red face Tree Diagrams

    Please can you help me on understanding how to work out these sentences on 'tree diagrams'.
    1. Draw 2 different diagrams for the sentences and explain the amguity in the meaning.
    a. She saw the boy with the binoculars.
    b. I read the newspaper in the library.

    2. Draw tree diagrams for the following sentences.
    a. The old man with the crutch has met with an accident.
    b. I guess that you know that she fell through the window.

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    i have no idea about the second questions. part 2

    but about part one:
    She saw the boy with the binoculars:
    a- she saw the boy with the binoculars SHE has in her hand.
    b- she saw a boy and the boy had a binoculars in his hand.

    i read the newspaper in the library:
    a- i read the newspaper which is in the library.
    b- i bring the newspaper to the library and read it there.

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    Re: Tree Diagrams

    Welcome fredchi57.

    If you register, you can be notified when an answer is posted. Also, please note that we do not do homework assignments, but if there is a specific question you have, we would be more than happy to help you.

    All the best.

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