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Thread: pls help

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    pls help

    1. A school is celebrating its anniversary thus the student don't have class. one student is very happy because they don't have class that day and he said, 'How I wish every day was/were the school's anniversary" pls correct the sentence that the kid said. is comin' out of the dragon's mouth, how do we say it?blow off?
    "the dragon is blowing off fire" is that correct?

    3. If the adverb for slow is slowly, then we have fastly for fast?Am i correct?

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    Re: pls help

    1. was

    2. blowing out

    3. Pete plays golf very fast (not fastly)

    Can you go slowly (slow or slower)

    Can you go fast(or faster, but not fastly)

    For example: 'soft' changes to 'softly'
    'beautiful' changes to 'beautifully.' Some add 'ly' but if they end in a 'y' we must change the 'y' to an 'i' to make an adverb.
    For example: 'busy' changes to 'busily' or 'easy' changes to 'easily.

    Fastly is not a word that is used any more.


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