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Thread: Go For It

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    Go For It

    Dear Teachers,

    A. The movie is a surprise purely because it’s not a disaster. In fact it has a lot going for it.
    - What does “it has a lot going for it” mean in this sentence?

    B. I have not watched a movie that made me cry this hard in a while.
    - I think “this much” is better than “this hard”, right?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: Go For It

    have going for one

    Have in one's favor or of benefit to one. For example,

    [1] They have enough going for them that their new store should be a success.

    [2]Mary is very talented; she has a lot going for her.


    hard adv.

    1. With strenuous effort; intently: worked hard all day; stared hard at the accused criminal.
    2. With great force, vigor, or energy: pressed hard on the lever.
    3. With great distress, grief, or bitterness: took the divorce hard.



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