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Thread: future tense

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    future tense


    Here I'd like to know more about present future. I've read some books explaining about it but they make me confused. Some explain and divide the future tense into two, Present Future Tense and Past Future Tense. However in the others (ex: the one written by Srappy Azhar) explain and do not divide it into any divisions. How could this happen?

    In addition to that problem, I am still a little bit confused about future perfect.

    I would like to say my thanks to any of your explaination

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    Re: future tense

    There are many different ways of looking at the future, so different books will use different terms. The distinction your book is trying to make, I think, is between actions that are future from now and actions that were future when looking at some point in the past:
    I will go and see him tomorrow. (Here, the action is ahead of the time of speaking)
    When I arrived, I had no idea what would happen next. (would happen - this was ahead of the time of my arrival, but is now in the past, which is why we use 'would' instead of 'will')

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