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    Question What do you call this?

    I saw the following statement on your web site:

    Term: Causative Verbs


    We use the causative when we do not carry out an action ourselves, but are responsible for the action being performed.Eg: She had her car serviced last week - (She didn't service the car herself, but the car was serviced because of her; she took it to a garage and asked them to do it.)

    What do you call the following structure?

    Make + Noun Phrase + Past Participle

    Eg: I couldn't make myself understood.
    I make myself known to him in a vision.
    It's the one that made him known to the general public at large.

    Thank you.


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    Re: What do you call this?

    I don't know a special term, though there is a certain similarity. Michael Swan categorises the first two as simply make + refelxive pronoun + past participle, and the third a make + object + object complement, which doesn't give them a name, just a description.

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