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    any input appreciated!

    hi all,
    im just wondering if a CELTA course could very well get me a teaching job in japan (of course i understand it would be hard with all the others with BA degrees applying and so forth) i would just like to know whether or not its possible or anybody has any stories about them getting a teaching job in japan with a CELTA course or no previous teaching experience (from what i read they are pretty desperate for teachers) i see on the job boards sometimes that they are willing to even pay for airfares and sponsorship and etc etc and they say they are willing to train you themselves. some success stories would be a nice contribute! thanks everyone

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    Re: any input appreciated!

    The large eikaiwa like Geos, Nova and Aeon seem to recruit all the time and have quite a high turnover. It shouldn't be too difficult to get a job without experience- the idea behind Nova and Aeon is that the lessons are very standardised and formulaic so that if one teacher goes another can belnd in seamlessly. If I were you, I'd check out the forums at and, though do a few searches first for the names of schools and things before posting- they can get a bit crabby when asked the same question for the thousandth time, but they are both fairly active and have people who know the country inside out.

    I'd also check out any of the smaller schools on ESL Blacklist sites like as I have heard of some dodgy places.

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