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    Question question about introductionary phrases

    can the word (once) be a introductionary phrases. example:

    1."Once those cars get close ( ) Thoes kids won't stand a chance."

    (If it is a introductionary phrases, then yes there goes a comma.)

    2."Once everyone finds out about who you really are ( ) they'll want to hurt you."

    (This one too. If it is a intro phrase, then yes there goes a comma.)

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    Re: question about introductionary phrases


    Yes, it can, and you have a choice when it comes to using a comma:

    When to Use a Comma
    Introductory elements often require a comma, but not always. Use a comma in the following cases:

    -After an introductory clause. (Does the introductory element have a subject and verb of its own?)

    -After a long introductory prepositional phrase or more than one introductory prepositional phrase. (Are there more than five words before the main clause?)

    -After introductory verbal phrases, some appositive phrases, or absolute phrases.

    -If there is a distinct pause. (When you read the sentence aloud, do you find your voice pausing a moment after the introductory element?)

    -To avoid confusion. (Might a reader have to read the sentence more than once to make sense of it?)

    When not to Use a Comma

    Read more here

    All the best.

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