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    Hi, I want to asc if an "artificial " = unreal mean, but in the meaning of artificial music market.
    2) and how can be explained " according to " = based on ?
    e.g."the products has been ordered according to sales data "

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    Re: artificial

    1 No. I am not sure what you mean by 'artifial music', but if you mean illegal copies, then that it 'pirated music'.
    2 The products could be ordered in many ways, uncluding when they were released, which markets they are sold in, etc, but the information that is represented in the graph (I presume it's a graph of some kind) is the sales data. It's not exactly the same a based on, which would involve some degree of interpretation, so I'd suggest it's closer to 'the products are displayed/shown'.

    PS the products have been ...

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