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    Could be a statement = a memo?

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    Re: statement

    In terms of business documents, a statement is not the same as a memo.

    A memo is an informal written communication sent between departments or employees in a company.

    A statement is a list of billing and payment activity sent to a customer or client. A typical statement lists the invoices (dates, numbers and amounts) and any payments received for the previous month, along with the total balance currently owed.

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    Re: statement

    I dont understand, in my article it is about the merger of two societies and it stays that " in a short joint statement, the two co-op said they had " agreed to discuss the possibility of a merger Tals have begun and a further statement from the two boards will be issued when they conclude"
    Does it mean the same as you said, they list the payments, is this correct in this context, I am not sure

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    Re: statement

    From your context, the two societies are issuing a document stating that they are merging. Once the full agreement has been worked out and agreed, they will issue another document stating this.

    It is nothing to do with a financial statement in this context. Also, memo would not be quite right as "memorandum" implies a more informal and temporary document.

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    Re: statement

    ok, I thought the same, something like they explained that they merge

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