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Thread: Name of Idion

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    Question Name of Idion

    Good afternoon.

    Is there a term for a person being promoted to their highest level of incompetence??

    Thank You

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    Re: Name of Idion

    This request amused me and reminded me of the school reports.

    This boy always sets himself low standards and consistently fails to achieve them.

    It would be a malapropism as you wouldn't be seen to be promoting based on an inadequacy.

    I am sure there is a figure of speech relating to this but I don't know it.

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    Re: Name of Idion

    I don't know of a figure of speech for this, but I could imagine someone using a famous character's name for such a person. Someone always expecting great and unexpected good luck is called a 'Mr Micawber'; someone unwittingly causing disasters is called a 'Mr McGoo'. So perhaps someone spectacularly incompetent would be called a 'Mr Burns' - though I don't watch The Simpsons so I don't know whether that's appropriate.

    There's also Peter Principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . So such a person could be called 'the embodiment of the Peter Principle'.



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