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    1. what is the grammatical function of interjection words?
    2. we can rearange declarative sentence that is positive and active by using several items such as: "cleft it", "anticpatory it", "existential there",... they extrapose the subject. for example:
    - my car is blue
    using cleft it
    - it is my car that is blue.
    my question is "does the subject is retained in both sentences? i mean in the first sentence "my car" is the subject, is it so in the second because we just made rearangement?
    3. some adverbs and also vocatives are loosely attached to the sentence, what is their grammatical function?

    thanx in advance

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    Re: questions

    1 They are a distinct grammatical group, but their function is more communicative than anything else. I see nothing grammatical about interrupting, expressing shock, etc. They're classified as a part of speech, I think, because they don't realte to other categories of words rather than because they do.
    2 'It' is a dummy subject in the cleft and is there to introduce the real subject which is your car.
    3 If you mean that the adverb is separated by a comma, then it modifies the whole sentence, often to give the writer's opinion. Vocatives can have different functions; If I say, 'Rezaa, have you got the correct time?', I could be using you name for different purposes- to attract your attention or to indicate that I would like you to answer rather than someone else. Again, I don't think this is a grammatical function, but a contextual one- if you were alone, then I would be attracting your attention, but if you were accompanied, I would be singling you out. The comma separates things, because there are two elements to the question- your name, for whichever purpose, and the question I would like answering.

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