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    During or In

    Would you please teach me the difference between during and in? Which word should I use in which cacase?

    .(In/During) the decades following the Declaration of Independence,

    I think during has a sense of throuhout.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: During or In

    You're right about "during" meaning "throughout". And you're also correct in your choice of an answer.

    It is "During the decades.."

    From my usage of the two words (In / During), I've come to notice that I use "during" with "a noun to express 'when' something happens." In your example, "the decades following the Declaration of Independence" would be the noun / subject.

    "In", on the other hand, is used when talking about events to come, or a period of time. For example, "In the coming years, I will have saved enough money to buy a door for my house," or "In 1843, I wasn't alive to really care."

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Re: During or In

    Thanks MyJello

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    Re: During or In

    I'd agree.


    In the decades following ... (i.e., within each of the decades)
    During the decades following... (i.e., over the span of decades)


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