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Thread: Am I bothered?

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    Am I bothered?

    Please, whatīs the meaning og the expression "Am I bothered?"
    The context is the program Later with Jools Holland and the host presents the guests,and then says "Am I bothered?"
    I donīt get what he means by that...

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    Re: Am I bothered?

    The expression "Am I bothered?" is a reference to a popular BBC TV comedy called the Catherine Tate Show. In it, she plays a character called Lauren.

    Lauren used a variety of her catch phrases, including "Am I bothered?" and "Are you calling me stupid?"
    From: The Catherine Tate Show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    Re: Am I bothered?

    Thanks a lot, Red5!!! Sheīs exactly one of the guests!!

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