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    Drama for Valentine's Day


    I'm trying to put on a play with my students for Valentine's Day, but I have a problem with the text.
    Namely, I can't find it anywhere...!
    So, if you have any idea where I could find an appropriate text to put on, please give me a link.. Or if you have done something like this before, or if you have your own text that you would kindly share with me, I would really appreciate it...
    I would need a short text, for about 15-20 minutes play, for 16-18 year-old students, lower intermediate level, and it should have something to do with love/Valentine or similar...not too complicated...
    I thought about writing it on my own, but I'm afraid I don't have enough time...

    thank you very much for your effort...

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    Re: Drama for Valentine's Day

    Welcome, Isis_77.

    Here's an idea for teachers who don't have enough time ...

    Have you thought about asking the students to write their own semi-impromptu play? It's a rather popular lesson activity and it gets rave reviews from teachers around the world - at least the teachers I know.

    Divide the class into small groups.
    Tell each group they're going to create a mini-play (5 minutes).
    Each person in the group must play a role, be it a person or an object (or the director who keeps cutting in and stopping the production)

    Have the groups brainstorm their topics. (10 minutes)
    Have the groups work on writing their dialogues. (10-15 minutes)
    Have them practise the dialogue. (10- 15 minutes)
    Have the groups present. (30 minutes)

    All the best.

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