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    Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

    Efficient Treatment of social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders
    This is a sticky article by one of Chinese psychological consultation center, my translated version is not satisfying, so your constructive suggestion and advice is always welcomed .And i hope we can exchange our view points from every aspect ,by which we can make progress together. My MSN is [email protected], pls feel free to contact me.
    Below you can enjoy a series of the efficient treatment passages, published in November, just for your reference, more passages will be followed each month, look forward to receiving your attention and your suggestion.
    ( Excerpt 1)
    On the Essence of O.C.D.
    by Mr. Hei xi
    What is O.C.D?
    Someone else already defined it: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder, first and foremost. It is not a thought disorder. The essential features of OCD are recurrent unwanted obsessions that create an awareness of alarm or threat. Persons typically engage in some avoidance or escape response in reaction to the obsessive threat. Obsessions take the form of either a perceived threat of physical harm to oneself or others or, in some cases, more of a metaphysical or spiritual threat to oneself, or perhaps a deity.
    Actually ! The essence of O.C.D. is that the subjective requirement disobeys the objective reality, and the inconsistency and refusal of subjective requirement to the objective reality.
    As is known to all, the objective material world is always characterized by practice in accordance with the law of nature. In the very beginning period of O.C.D., it is a normal concept, will or action which anyone could possibly or accidentally have. But with the effect not only from interior environment but also from the exterior environment, (however, the interior is the leading factor), your inferiority complex and distrust grow as time goes by. In this way the subjective requirement disobeys and refuses the objective reality, including those reasonable concept, will and action
    However, fact will never be changed according to your thoughts. It’s natural and understandable for a reasonable concept, will or action to occur in this circumstances. And these concept, will or action are led by complicated situation you are in.The harder you are trying to resist the opinion by performing compulsion, the deeper you get involved in it. -- If you can understand this in the very beginning , you would never start to resist or refuse it .Then while the circumstances change, as long as you are not in the exterior and interior pathogenic situation, the compulsion will fade away gradually.
    Just as for your resistance and refusal towards this reasonable concept, will or action, you will stick to it ,and this persistent consolidation is the reason that the reasonable concept ,will or action live on.
    So the essence of O.C.D. is that one’s refusal and negation of himself! Frankly speaking, it’s the extreme performance of self-inconfidence and self-denying.
    In fact, all the mental suffering and pain originated from the feeling of self-denying and self-inconfidence . Repeated denying, refusal and resistance of yourself! The core is severe self- inconfidence (or self-denying).
    On this ground, the essence of O.C.D. is one’s escape and slaughter of himself!
    -------- lay down arms, and you will be a Buddha. ( this is quoted from Buddhism belief ,that means get rid of your resistance and your refusal , you will be recovered)
    Acceptance of yourself!
    --The everlasting sentence can be found in all the mysterious ancient oriental intelligence books and even all the ancient oriental traditional religion beliefs!
    Yes, you never cherish yourself ! You can't put up with yourself even for one second.
    So, you repel yourself right upon your wake up every morning. You are looking for all kinds of means and methods, you look through thousands of the psychological books , you are exhausted and want to get rid of yourself! You even want to kill yourself in the real world but left a pure ideology.
    -- suppress yourself, and massacre yourself in every minute.
    --you will never stop until you are extremely exhausted, you allow yourself to take a rest.
    You hate yourself in the real world for a long time.
    He is too bad! How can i like him? No, I can not.
    It’s just like a floating gourd , I have no choice but to escape.
    But I am unwilling to do it! Then ,after taking a breath ,you regain some strength, then you are immerged by the fierce battle immediately.-- The two forces are fighting in your mind. You spare no effort to push the floating broken gourd down into the water by your perseverance, in the hope of eventual success.—you are endeavoring but feel tired, anyway you are carrying on! Until you feel the exhaustion again, you lay down the resistance for seconds ,once again you find that it is floating !.... The more you hold the idea, the more you feel tired, but it can’t stop in any way!
    Why do you have to control the idea?
    What a deep inferiority complex!
    Puti is the root of bothering . (Puti is a kind of tree originated in India, as the ancestor of Buddhism got final success under this tree ,so it is considered to be a hallowed tree in Buddhism ever after )
    When could I get out of the circle! What time could I walk out of this deep hole!
    The compulsion is just like Newton’s action and reaction—where there is the oppression, where the counterattack will be.
    So we should understand the oriental philosophy “real acceptance” not “superficial acceptance”. For a real acceptance, the resistance will also be accepted; For a superficial acceptance, the acceptance could also be considered as resistance!
    Superficial acceptance is meaningless, moreover ,it will be strengthened as time goes by, as your superficial acceptance is an extreme performance of interior resistance.
    For example, conceit is not real self-confidence. It’s just superficial confidence, and actually it's an extreme performance of inferiority complex.

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    Re: Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

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