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    Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

    In order to explain my opinion on OCD more clearly, I used to post in the forum about my full understanding of oriental Buddhism--- now I just copy the following post from a forum, only for your reference and viewpoint exchange:
    ‘It seems that we don’t have an accurate comprehension about the ancient oriental philosophy “acceptance”’.
    --- 521 happy: “ I believe that we should not only accept completely the symptoms, but also you should show mercy, love ,sympathy, understanding to it, then it will fade away as soon as possible, but I can not utilize this method.
    --- 521 happy: "In the oriental psychology, “acceptance” doesn’t mean any way , giving up is acceptance. Do not require yourself to accept whole-heartedly, let alone require yourself to show mercy, love ,sympathy, understanding to it which make it fade away
    ----As your attitude is what I am talking about as superficial acceptance . As your acceptance is one method to show interior resistance ,not real oriental acceptance.
    --consequently, superficial acceptance is resistance!
    --“Ever since then you can feel lots of suffering”, “…it's no use to accept the symptoms”. Only when we can get the essence out of the symptoms can solve this problem . So try not to be persistent on the symptom. So I think Wu ban zhu’s words contain Heixi's viewpoint too: to accept the thinking in your heart, that is, real acceptance.
    --“Ever since then suffering”, your understanding is after a mature practice. To many people who have no idea of Sen Tian treatment and they oppose the symptoms all time, it is good for them to accept the symptom.
    --You said, "So there’s no need to persevere the symptoms so much." A real Buddhism acceptance is not only "no need”, but "not over". It's giving up bigotry thoroughly.
    --"Hoho, Wu Di, no need to analyze." You should regard the nature with reverence.
    O.C.D. is a perfect logical circle.
    Your endeavor is useless.
    Your analysis is with perfect logic. Your analysis is really penetrating.
    You are of wisdom.
    -- Although you are penetrating, you should not neglect an important matter: You are still in the logical circle.
    The more thoroughly you analyze, the farther your target is.
    ---Laozi once said: “qichuniyuan, qizhinishao”, which means the same thing.
    --Buddha said: the evil wisdom.
    That's why the wiser a man is, the deeper he gets into the problem, however, a farmer may easily understand the meaning of giving up.
    In fact, jingangjing (an ancient lection) has concluded this “strange disorder” for a thousand years.--- There are some lection to prove that. All the efforts you make create an illusion in reality, just like dew that disappears in no time. When you put down all the burdens in your heart, empty persistent will fade away. Thus your dream is waken up.
    The Buddhism said, "Bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand."
    Yes, analysis is just like "the sea of bitterness". Bitterness has no bounds indeed. Where is the bank?
    It's here--The Buddhism is not in other place, you are Buddha now.
    To giving up to liberate the ration is as important as giving up to liberate desire and passion.
    Life is the best medicine!
    If you want to come out of the circle, throw yourself into life and practice!
    To those who have an obvious symptom for a long time, you should accept a special treatment. We must pull you out of the obsession. Like in the Chan sect (an old sect in Taoism) there is an expression “shout loudly” to wake the thinker.
    It's too difficult to let the patients to break away the obsession on themselves. They can hardly get out of the nightmare if there’s no such thing like a well-arranged stimulation.
    This priority complex is the lost-self-confidence.
    The phobia and the nervousness are just because of your lost-self-confidence.--- This is the implication of the compulsion.
    For the compulsion to give up thoroughly is just the admission thoroughly.--Only when do you resign yourself to the compulsion and lost-self-control thoroughly ,you can try your best to start a new life! You have the symptoms of the compulsion. the real Buddhist said ,the trouble is potty ---For the compulsion, potty is the symptoms in fact.
    When all the thoughts are blasted, you can come to the Buddhism at once.---This is shijiamouni view.
    To the patients with obstinately, sticking to a wrong course. admission, rejection, fitness, unfitness, analysis or no analysis, despair or confidence etc. You always run the rolls in the compulsion.
    The Buddhism declaims that actually there is no compulsion , all troubles and worries are made by yourself.
    Just do what you want!
    --This is called pu ti ben wu shu.

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    Re: Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

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