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    Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

    Someone says you must despair thoroughly, or you can't recover your health.-- In fact you can recover your health if you haven't despaired thoroughly.--That's the state within meet but beyond demand.
    A popular view point ,believes that you can get what you want from NLP and success and latent consciousness.
    I clear it's with wisdom to the compulsion. The basic of control oppression. It can make into castles in the air only. In fact I just only to call attention to you all that some compulsion recovered their health with no despair. I have not refuted others views in fact. inaction or action is as if the light and the darkness. The compulsion is the same as the active life in philosophy.
    When I learned the success scholarship, I always hope I could rebuild myself and win myself. Until one day I understand suddenly. I can't win myself .Never!-- Finally I understand I can defeat myself without a fight .--Yourself is just the doctrines of the ancients ages.--Though weakness. Laozi said: where there's a will, there's a way.
    Yes, its impossible to submit oneself to the rule of the tougher strength.
    Don't massacre yourself any more.
    You'll go farther, whenever you studies.
    Turn around yourself, no repression and love yourself.
    Repent before it is too late and you are saved.
    ---It's meaning that the polluted water can clean after a quick wait.
    No action ,no need to stir up. --Because the more pollute it is ,the more stir up..--Daode classics says, inaction only can action.
    Heixi explains scientifically the most important question of the compulsion. So he copy one article.--in brief, the compulsion is not very complicated,
    The compulsion is just the groundless worry .The patients worries themselves.
    --If you forget it ,you'll be the half of recovering your health.
    --If you affirm that you haven't the symptoms already ,I can say you 'll recover your health basically.
    Heixi called this interactivity with tentatively mind and psychology temporarily.
    If you profound faith in the obsession, you are the compulsion indeed.--You'll become worse, you'll regard the minds as the compulsion.
    If you develop self-denying up to extreme. It's a black hole.
    Don't believe appearing right and some great sermon.
    Believe you and trust yourself are very important, This feeling is important much.-- Follow others is the worst error.--Repeat the worlds of others just like a parrot.
    Firmly believe in yourself, and you can come out.--Firmly believe in that you can come out yourself ,and then you can recover your health
    It's a simple principle.
    Or it is not the real self-confident. Just like building a high building in the sea bench.---The building stands on the loose ground.
    You haven't owned the real life. You will feel very tired.
    You can't lessen yourself in your mind.
    Argue is no meaning. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.
    After a year you can see ,
    It is another knife.
    Turn around you mind, face yourself, face squarely yourself.
    After a while, you can lessen yourself, get a real harmonious.
    My communion:
    We have called each other, I haven't negated the others experience in fact.
    That's not necessary to despair thoroughly .And you still can recovery in fact.
    Inaction and action, just like light and dark, just like the compulsion and the life,---This is a simple philosophic theory.
    My communion:
    Yes ,many patients are too persevering. The blindness in action--They got the punishment.
    Zhikong said,
    Heixi, your theory is just like shentian's treatment. I suspect your treatment is effective or not!!!!!!
    My communion:
    Haha, zhikong, it is not my theory. It exist a few thousand ago in China in ancient.
    Sentian's treatment should use for reference from the Buddhism I think.
    Though shentian's treatment is good, it is the different from the ancient's ideas.;;
    Are you serious to suspect Sentian's treatment Or to suspect the ancient ideas to treat the patients?
    Shentian said the people should do the useful things. I think it's correct!
    I think:
    1. Forcing live.
    . Especially to the serious the patients we should use the special way.
    For example , we ever reported "a blow and a shout to waken one from error" in Buddhism . It aimed to pull out them from the state with the force.
    It's too difficult to depend on themselves to pull it down. They can't wake from the state without the reasonable arrange.
    It's obtains that lack the dynamics to do the useless things only. Unless adopted the special steps.
    Need much dynamics ---or you will make a useless attempt.
    2.Need much time and much quantity. Only the sustained quantity can lead to the qualitative change.
    3. To do the physical labor is more than the mental labor, that is the best.
    4.Only do they not resist to the symptoms and on the base of the nature, inaction, given-up.---This is very important.
    5.To do the interesting thing. To do what you like is better.

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    Re: Efficient Treatment of social phobia, ocd,anxiety disorders

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