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  1. Zouhair


    Dear Sir / Madam,
    This is Zouhair, an English teacher. I'm going to participate in a presentation next month during which I'm going to deal with teaching English through picture stories. I have been looking for something useful that could help me on the web. However, I haven't yet found anything helpful enough. I'd like to request you to help me, if it's
    possible, on the following points:
    1. I need designed presentations on teaching English through pictures stories which could help me design my own one.
    2. I need pictures stories in the form of separate pictures which we can ask learners to arrange in a specific order to become an understood story.
    3. If those pictures mentioned in point 2 are available could you please send me some collections by post? Or by email?
    Note: the presentation is going to be for training teachers and for teaching adults.

    I'd appreciate your help.

    Best regards

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