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  1. kamlesh k

    noun or adjective

    Consider the words 'interloper' and 'pedant'.These are considered as nouns.But when we say John acts like an interloper or He is a pedant,it gives an impression as if both are adjectives as they are qualifying/modifying the noun----John and pronoun----He ,respectively.
    Please explain to me why these words are nouns.
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    Re: noun or adjective

    Hi kamlesh k
    John acts like an interloper or He is a pedant
    Both of your sentences use "linking verbs". These verbs connect or link the subject to a subject complement. A subject complement describes or identifies the subject. Linking verbs can connect the subject to a noun, a pronoun or an adjective. In your sentences, the subject is linked to a noun and a pronoun respectively.
    Hope that helps.

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