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    could you tell me what it means this sentense
    i almost wish i hand't bothered

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    Re: ***help

    I think it means "I almost wish I hadn't started."

    Here's an example. Say you were carving a wooden figure wielding a sword. It turned out pretty good, but it didn't have the fingers yet. Since you wanted more details you started carving more to define its fingers. Turned out, it was more of a work than you thought it would be. 8 hours of carving and you still don't have fully defined fingers. Then you'd say either to yourself or your friend "I almost wish I hadn't bothered (carving the fingers for this figure)"

    If anyone disagrees with my example or have more to add to it, feel free to express your opinions. HKB out.
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    Re: ***help

    Yes, it's a regret that isn't 100%, but is pretty close- it expresses frustration, etc. You do something to help someone, they don't say thank you, you might almost wish you hadn't bothered.


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