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    Teaching Adults Where do I start?

    I have been teaching ESL at Primary school level for four years. I am comfortable with this and enjoy it immensely. I have taken on a second job tutoring and have been asked to tutor an adult in English. She is from Korean background and has done several courses in English at college. How do I assess what she needs to know? And where do I start? This sounds really general I know but I don't know the student at all so I guess I'm looking for some advise as to a good starting point.

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    Re: Teaching Adults Where do I start?

    Firstly, find out whether she has any specific needs such as exams, etc. Find out whther she has or will have any professional needs. Also, as she's an adult with experience, get her to tell you what areas she feels weak in- many Asian learners have an excellent knowledge of grammar and can whizz through tests, but their oral skills lag behind their written ones, so she may need to work in those areas.

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