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Thread: prepositon

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    Smile prepositon

    Do we say on Saturday night? Is "on" correct?

    Tom and Jack are running. Tom is ahead of Jack. Can we say he is "in front of" Jack?


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    Re: prepositon

    As far as " . . . on Saturday night . . . " it depends upon the context.

    For example,
    "I will see you on Saturday." or "I'll see you Saturday."
    "We left father at the airport on Thursday night."
    "I can do it on Tuesday night, but not on Wednesday night."
    "On Monday, put the car in the garage, please."

    "When they started running, Tom was in front of Jack, but by the time the got to the trees, Jack was ahead."

    Yes, you were right. You can also say, "in the lead," or "leading."

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