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    Which or that

    Hi there,

    I have entitled a document thus:

    Recording and reporting of data that has not been collected electronically

    And it has been suggested that I should have used 'which' instead of 'that'. Which is correct please?

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    Re: Which or that

    First, ' can use which instead of that in restrictive clauses.'
    Source: World Wide Words: Which versus that

    I've lost the book that I was reading yesterday.
    I've lost the book which I was reading yesterday
    Source: AskOxford: Which or That?

    More examples
    which can introduce both restrictive relative clauses: The zebra which the lion picked on was clearly sick, and non-restrictive relative clauses: The zebra, which lives in southern Africa, is related to the horse.
    Source: Dictionary of English - which <i>or</i> that

    Second, given that there are two (different) subjects in your example sentence, which would be suitable.

    Ex: Recording (of) and reporting of ....

    which is not plural. It's used instead of that in restrictive clauses, especially when the word it modifies sits in a phrase or clause that is long or that houses more than one meaning - like your sentence.

    All the best.
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    Re: Which or that

    Hmmm, I donít quite understand your answer, Cas. We have here a restrictive clause referring to data, therefore that seems fine to me, too.


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