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    come with territory

    1) "Lots of mail comes with territory", what does it mean?

    2) "Some commercial real estate firms may give you draws or let you do other work assisting brokers,..." what does "give you draws" here mean?

    3) "Going with your instinct can keep you intact. Remember that being whole reinforces your strength."

    What does "keep you intact mean"? keep you safe? or complete you? and being whole = success??

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    Re: come with territory

    1) Click here come with the territory: Information from

    2) I'm not 100% sure but it could be the nominal form of the verb 'draw up', to compose or write set in a form; e.g., draw up a contract; contact draws.

    3) Gee, I'm not sure. I'd need to know more about the topic. Hmm. Click here, meaning 1 or 2: intact - Definitions from

    All the best.


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