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    Cool Conversation games

    I'm going to start up teaching again in Brazil, bunch of guys working in the automotive industry, and am looking for ideas or resources that get the students talking.
    I think that's the hardest thing, as a teacher to get the students to do.
    I was thinking to do a 'debate' like we used to do in school years ago. But even then, some students might not contribute.
    Suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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    Re: Conversation games

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    Re: Conversation games

    It is difficult, especially when you get those long gaps where no-one says anything! Some people are shy and won't join in much anyway, but will still benefit from hearing others. We have a rule - no politics, no religion, no sex, but it's hard to keep away from those subjects sometimes. It also depends on your student's level of English.

    Once in a while one of them volunteers to do a presentation on a subject s/he is interested in. For example, a place they have visited (they can bring in postcards etc). They have a couple of weeks to prepare. Then the others ask questions about it and the conversation develops from there.

    You could make cards with questions on one side (like, for example, do you believe in ghosts; would you like to bungee jump; what's your earliest memory?), they pick a card and answer the question. This can lead on to some interesting discussions. You could get them interviewing each other to find out what they have in common (in pairs) - favourite food, a film they both hated. Not much to do with the automotive industry, but can be adapted!

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