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    Topic: No her generation has experienced as many as opportunities as many test of strength as ours.

    The Present young generation is always different from old generation. There are many ways in which both generations are different. This difference does not mean that one is good and THE other is bad. Both generations have some negative and positive aspects. In my view, these are the following things in which both generations are different.

    Today generation is completely based on computers. THE Present generation very well know the use of the internet and chatting on computers. Youngster mostly prefers the use of computers. But old generation do not depend on computers. In fact, I would like to say most of them do not know HOW to operate computers. Today generation has forgotten letter writing. They are using only e-mails. But previous generation is still using letter writing. Other thing I would like to discuss about teenagers Is that nowdays teens are using mobile and other electronic items like IPOD, MP3 etc. On the other hand, old generation is still using land line connections and other simple instruments. Older people are not crazy ABOUT these electronic DEVICES.

    What I like the most in old generation is that they know how to make the relationships in family and neighbourhood. But todayís generation do not have that quality. THE Present generation always thinks about itself and only OF family members. THE Present generation do not think ABOUT their relatives and neighbours. They are globalized but old generation used to pass their whole life at one place. They do only one type of job. They donít like any change in their living. Our young generation have the habit to study and get knowledge. Therefore, we find good opportunities to progress in life. Wherever, the present generation finds a better job they ARE ready to go. If we see the ratio of people who go abroad, we will find it to be higher for the present generation as compared to our parentsí generation.

    Finally I would like to say there are many differences in both generations. But it will be good, if we learn good things from old generation and old generation learn from THE younger generation. This will be good not only for a person and a family but also for the progress of a country.

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    Re: help

    I agree with you in everything you said ;we must make a healthy mixure which carries the best things in the two generations and try to avoid bad points in both.

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    I also agree with you. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. The age or generation shouldn't really matter, just the exchange of knowledge.



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