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    please help me

    when to use may and when to use might in a sentence.
    eg -they may have come(can we use might here, if not why.and can it be they might have come. whats the difference between the two sentence)

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    Re: please help me

    Yes, you can also use might, it will only raise the level of uncertainty a little.

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    Re: please help me

    They may have died. vs They might have died.

    Not all speakers make this distinction, but if you say that someone 'may have died', it's possible, but you don't know for sure, so you could say it about soemone who's missing. With 'might have died', then the person was in a dangerous situation where there was a risk of death, but they survived.

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    Re: please help me

    Am I wrong, Tdol?


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