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Thread: Win The Match

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    Win The Match

    Dear Teachers,

    a: Do you think M.U will win the match tonight?
    b: Not a chance. Chelsea will kick their butt.
    a: Let's put some wager on it!
    b: No sorry. I don't go gamblimg.
    a: Wow. You are one of a kind.

    - What do "kick their butt" and "you are one of a kind" mean in this situation?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: Win The Match

    hehe..I am a Man U fan and of course they won't get their butts kicked! We're winning the league.
    kick their butt..b thinks Chelsea will WIN
    But if he's so confident, why doesn't he bet?
    a thinks that b is unusual/strange/wierd -the only person in the world who wouldn't bet if he was so sure he'd win.
    C'mon the Reds!!

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