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    Unhappy pleaseeee help!

    you know when you give some body a label such as saying 'Mary, Katie's mum...' The 'Katie's mum' part of the sentence has a specific name, im trying to think of it to put in an essay im writing, and i cant think of the name, its realllllyyyyy annoying me, so if anyone could help i would be sooo greatful!

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    Re: pleaseeee help!

    The possessive indicative maybe.

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    Re: pleaseeee help!

    On reflection it is probably the possessive singular.

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    Re: pleaseeee help!

    It's an appositive.

    An appositive is a noun or a pronoun placed beside another noun or pronoun to explain or identify it.

    The turtle, a member of the reptile family, is amphibious.

    We use commas to set off an expression that is in apposition unless the appositive is very closely related to the word that it explains or identifies.

    Fred, the old rancher, began to laugh.

    My dog Mugsie follows me everywhere.

    Hope that helps.


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