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  1. Arunkumar

    Question Difference between wind-up and conclude

    what is the difference between the following two sentences?

    1. Lets windup the meeting
    2. Lets conclude the meeting

    Please explain it in detail.


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    Re: Difference between wind-up and conclude

    I see two differences: formality and meaning.

    wind up refers more to a process (which may start quite a while before the actual end): Come on, we've only got the room for another ten minutes. I think we should start winding up this dicussion.

    It's also less formal than conclude. This happens quite often - informally, people start using more expressive words, richer in meaning than what's available in a more formal register. It takes a while, though, for the less formal word to become more generally acceptable.

    There are also other meanings of both 'wind up' and 'conclude': I conclude that he was winding me up. [I draw the inference that he was trying make me upset/worried/annoyed for his own amusement and for the amusement of others 'in the know'.] I assume you're not asking about these meanings, which are totally distinct.


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