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    1)young at heart
    2)under the impression
    3)wake up on the wrong side of the bed
    4)the jig is up
    5)take it or leave it
    6)take it easy
    7)take hike
    8)swim with the sharks
    9)to start with a clean sheet of paper
    10)set the world on fire
    11)to sift gears
    12)to show show one's true colors
    13)small world
    14)raise one's voice
    15)read between the lines
    16)right under your nose
    17)evil to the core
    18)puppy love
    19)out of place
    20)out of touch
    21)point of no return
    22)to point of fingers at
    23)out of luck
    24)on clud nine
    25)out of order
    26)lion's den
    27)to nip it in the bud
    28)last but not least
    29)jump to a conclusion
    30)iron out the difficulty
    31)sailing in the same boat
    32)in the limelight
    33)home truths
    34)hear from the horses mouth
    35)a hard nut to crack
    36)fly high
    37)fox in the chicken house
    38)start from the scratch
    39)father's figure
    40)fine tooth comb
    41)can of corn
    42)childs play
    43)call it a clay
    44)blue in the face
    45)bed of roses
    46)a sleep at the wheel
    47)back in the day
    48)back the wrong horse
    49)all ears
    50)all talk and trousers
    51)all over the place
    52)always a bridesmaid never a bride

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