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    "How was it?" vs "What was it like?"


    I would like to know which of the above questions is correct (and why) in the following context:

    A: I went on a cruise around the Meditteranean.
    B: How was it? / What was it like?A: Absolutely fantastic.

    I would really appreciate a native speaker's explanation.

    Thank you for helping me.


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    Re: "How was it?" vs "What was it like?"

    1. How was it? would be a more formal request.
    2. What was it like? a more friendly request.

    1. is a more male biased approach, a bit stiff.
    2. is a more female approach and gentler and friendlier.

    Having said that, as a male I would say the latter every time.

    Stands back and awaits opprobrium.

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