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  1. aliaa

    Wink Leech's maxims

    Hi Every body:
    Please help me in arranging these sentences according Leech's maxims of politeness from most polite to least polite:
    A. What do you think of my new haircut ?
    1. Did you cut it yourself?
    2. Your hair looks terrible.
    3. I think you should change your hairdresser.
    4. The old haircut suits you better.
    Here is what I've done:
    4 - 3 - 1 - 2
    I need to know whether it is correct or not. Thank you

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    Re: Leech's maxims

    None of those are particularly polite. I think the order you have them in is correct. I can't decide if I'd put (1) in second place or third, however. It seems like that might flow more naturally in conversation:

    What do you think of my new hair style?
    Um, I liked the old one better. Did you cut it yourself?
    Then maybe you'd better change hair stylists.


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