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    third year cspe project

    How do I ask my school principal, for my third year CSPE project can our school get a colours day(a day when our school gets to wear normal clothes for one day, to raise money for charity providing each person pays the stated amount)to raise money for charity. RSVP

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    Re: third year cspe project

    It might help to write up a formal proposal, and present it to him with a brief explanation, such as, "For my third year project, I want to raise money for XXX charity. Why don't we allow students to dress casually for one day providing they pay (whatever amount)? All the proceeds will then be donated to the charity." Explain to him in your proposal how you would present the idea to the student body - would you put up posters advertising Colours Day? Or have an announcement made on the PA system? Who would be in charge of collecting the money?

    Have all your points carefully explained, so that he knows you are serious and organized.

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