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    when should ' e used corrcectly

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    Re: appostophy

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    when should ' e used corrcectly
    Here are two ways to use the apostrophe ('):

    1. An apostrophe (') represents a missing or omitted sound, like this,

    them = 'em ('th' is missing)

    EX: Show 'em what you got = Show them what you got.

    should have = should've ('a' is missing; the 'h' is silent)

    EX: I should've washed my car = I should have washed my car.

    and = 'n ('a' is missing; the 'd' is silent)

    Bread 'n butter = Bread and butter.

    2. An apostrophe plus s ('s) is used to express possession, like this,

    EX: This is John's book = This book belongs to John.
    EX: This is Jones' book (Note, both "Jones'" and "Jones's" are OK)

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