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Thread: Any sentences

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    Any sentences

    Hi. I have another question. For example the sentence "Ask any of your teachers" uses "any" even though its an affirmative sentence. I got an answer that I completly didn't understand ( I'm not from the U.S.).

    Can someone explaine why you can use "Any" in affirmative sentences like this and give me examples of more sentences that is affirmative and uses "any" .

    Explaine clearly. Thanks! :)

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    Re: Any sentences

    Any further explanations I might give will probably be equally "unclear", so I'll just give you a few sentences:
    Any of these dictionaries will give you the definition of that word. (It doesn't matter which one you use -- all of them have the definition.)
    You can call me anytime you want (it doesn't matter when).
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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