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    Last question

    Hi, I'm really sorry but I have one last question.

    1. So affirmative sentences sometimes have "any" in them?

    2. Is there any general rule of when I can use "any" in an affirmative sentence?

    Thanks you so much for your patience! Please answer both questions.

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    Re: Last question

    If you mean "each" by "any"...

    Example: any responsibility has its own difficulties,
    any student...

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    Re: Last question

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    From some vs any determiners english grammar

    We use any in affirmative statements if it comes after a word whose meaning is negative or limiting:

    He never does any good deeds.
    She rarely has any food to offer us.
    They neglected to offer any advice.
    Just do it without any fuss or bother!

    In conditional sentences, we can often use some and any with no difference in meaning:

    If they need some/any more supplies, they should just tell us.


    From Information Internet: English Grammar, Determiners

    ANY with the Affirmative
    Here the possible CHOICE is from the whole range of possibilities.

    a. You can borrow any of my books.
    b. They can choose anything from the menu.
    c. You may invite anybody to dinner, I don't mind.


    From Learning English | BBC World Service

    any = it doesn't matter who or which

    There is one instance of usage where any is quite common with singular countable nouns and that is when it means 'it doesn't matter who or which'. In speech, the word any itself carries strong stress. Study the following:

    Any good dictionary will give you examples of use as well as definitions of words.

    Any British daily newspaper will give you some information on the weather in the world's capital cities.

    Any child under the age of ten can enter the egg-and-spoon race.

    Ask any dentist and he will tell you that you should go for a check-up at least once a year.

    All the best.

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