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    is it true that the shorter a sentence the better is it in english? And do you also advise using a simple words as possible as some schoolbooks do.As for the german language the longer a sentence and the more complicated words are the better is the text appreciated.

    By the way would you like to rate my english? (I am no native speaker)

    Keeping dreams

    Jeffrey Smith wasn’t home yet when Lydia woke up of a dream, at least she aussumed the latter. She had absolutely no idea what she had done just the moment before. She could had read a book, written a letter or even slept she was completely unaware of what she had done the entire afternoon, all she realized was staying herself in the middle of the living room focusing a point at the floor.

    As for Lydia had no idea about this situation she just started to sing “New York,New York”.
    She had never sang this song before, she never eaven heard about it for being ignorant of
    Musicals from the “golden twenties” lasting a century ago. Mrs Smith was a very pride young slim lady even beeing in her seventh month. She called her husband asking him not to come home,.. never again. Though they made a love marriage, Jeffrey “the jerk” as he was once called by his mother, all her compassion and love for her “honey” transformed in this desireful moment to the very opposit. She was obsessed disdaining him from the bottom of her heart. “Jeffrey the jerk” repeating this words uncountable times in her mind she was trembling with hatred and wepping tears of anger. Even if Lydia never came across a person using the alliteration “Jeffrey the jerk” in real, she was in great panic encountering one.

    The phone rang. “It’s me Jeffrey. I love you” “-NOOO HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT..” Jeffrey could hear glasses broken and his wife screaming with immeasurable pain in her voice. Jeffrey entered the living room crying “Baby what is the matter, are you jealous because you’re pregnant? You really should not, I never even glance at other girls.”

    These were his last words.. Lydia now remembered. She was bursting Jeffrey’s head with the kitchen clock for more than half an hour, that was it, she was doing before waking up. It was his splitted head she was focusing on the whole time. Not even his mother could now recognize to call him “Jeffrey the Jerk”. Finally at this moment she remembered her dream: She saw Jeffrey’s mother teasing her son “Jeffrey my jerk of course Lydia is not insane.. it was just a nightmare.”


    Pros and Cons of Globalizm

    Pro Globalizm

    Globalizm is (almost) as old as mankind. Within the first cultural trade between two different cultures Globalizm began to shrink the world. It is the most natural progress one can imagine. The world is shrinking further and further and in our century where systems of mass communication have encountered most households we all became citizens of “the global village”. Striving against this inevitable movement is struggling progress. If we want to make the world a better place we have to support globalizm; for it closes the gap between rich and
    poor countries.

    Contra Globalizm

    As Globalizm closes the gap worldwide between rich and poor countries it widenes however in the small-scale the gap within the singular nation.Making the rich within a society richer but also the poor even poorer. In the liberal free market without any government restrictions capital exploits labour all over the world. In order to gain the maximum profit, accumulated capital chooses the cheapest labour worldwide, creating unemployment particularly in developed nations. It is right that the gap between rich and poor countries will be closed, the problem is it closes not on the rich side but on the poor one. Globalists state that developed nations should specialize and let menial jobs done by others, obviously this argument is very short-sighted. Only a minority of a society has the financial and sorry to say intellectual abilities to master a sophisticated university education. In Addition why does one think that low income countries were unable producing high qualified engineers,physicians or even scientists themselves?
    This is a complete blunder, in a few years it is very likely that low income countries such as India or China will include the best universities in the world, flooding the market with high qualified professionals working with great passion gratefully for a tiny fraction of the loan of a american or european competitor . As a result you will soon find many local academic professionals in the same sad club with non- and semi-skilled workers. By the way speaking about minorities and majorities our democratic system comes in mind. Our country is ruled by a globalist policy, but who asked us to do so? Definitely the vast majority favors job security and employment rate rather than raising stock shares ; but who cares? One is for sure, no MP’s, as their jobs are secure and (un)fortunately amongst the few which cannot be substituted to any Chinese half the world away.

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    Re: language rating

    Why not rate it yourself, using the new improved Text Analyser? (I'd do it for you, but I've got to go out.)


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