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    Talking An Or A

    i would like,if you can say more about a/an,because i didnt understand,i trought a is when after is a consonnant and an is when is a vowal.but i did a mistake,

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    Re: An Or A

    Hello Mar, welcome to Using English!

    You use "a" before a consonant sound, and "an" before a vowel sound, e.g.

    an apple
    a bee
    a cat
    a dog
    an egg
    a fridge
    a goose
    a hamster
    an heir
    an incident
    a jug
    a koala
    a look
    a mandrake
    a nightingale
    an open book
    a peacock
    a razor
    a saucepan
    a television
    a unicorn
    a velvet glove
    a washing machine
    a xylophone
    a yacht
    a zoo


    What was the mistake you made?



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