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    linking verbs

    I could use some help understanding linking verbs, so that I may help my child with his homework. Below is an example:
    "Good morning, listeners! This is Jon Martin, your weather forecaster. Unfortunately, the forecast looks bad today. Outside the window here at the Station Wolf, the skies appear cloudy. It certainly felt rainy earlier this morning. And, according to the latest information, it should be a damp, drizzly day with an 85 percent chance of rainfall. Now, for the latest scores, our sportscaster this morning is Marta Segal."
    "Well, Jon, things have been quiet here around Arlington for the past few days. But stay alert for sports action tonight. It should be a great game between our own Arlington Angels and the visting Jackson City Dodgers. The team looked great at practice today, and I predict a hometown victory."

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    Re: linking verbs

    Take a look at this link:
    What does your child have to do? Pick out the linking verbs in the text?

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