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    figure out the plays

    By the way, did you know that the football huddle originated at Gallaudet University, the college for deaf and hard of hearing students? The players communicated to each other on the field using sign language and hand signals, but the opposing teams were able to see the signals, and figure out the plays. So in the late 1800s the Gallaudet players startet conferring in a tight circle, so the other couldn't "see" what they were saying.

    Here, what `figure out the plays' refers to? or what does it mean?

    Could anyone explain it?

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    Re: figure out the plays

    In American football, the quarterback is the person who instructs his teammates on what to do during the game; where to go on the field, who will run with the ball, who should block the other players, etc. These are called "plays," and it's important to keep them secret from the opposing team.

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