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    Re: Help

    hi i want an help in this sentence
    statements reassuring the public patient needing intensive care is getting it are total nonsense
    first : what is the meaning of " public patient and statements reassuring" in english
    secound: i want to know exactly where is the subject ,the verb and the object

    thank you

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    Re: Help

    Quote Originally Posted by zhangjin View Post
    Excuse me, teacher. I have learned English for years. We learn English as compulsory education here. Alough I have passed many exams, actually I find myself poor in writing , speaking , and listening.
    It's too difficult for me to speak more than 2 or 3 minutes--- I don't know what to say, or write an article more than 500 words--- I don't know what to write, or follow a short conversation in a film.
    All that we do day after day is memorizing new words . English is so tiresome that I almost want to give it up.
    Could you help me ? thanks a lot.
    Hi, Zhangjin,

    I totally agree Roobee's opinion, you must improve your listening and speaking skill at first before you learn reading, or writting, so try thinking you're a baby right now, how did you learn Chinese when you're born? of course, listening, and speaking, and then reading when you attend to school.
    Don't try to translate, it's a wrong way to study languange, after a period of time you must try to learn how to use English to study Enlish, then the first thing I recommend you to do is watching movies and listening songs you prefer, in my opinion, this is best way and right way to learning language if you don't have the English environment, and in the end, I hope you can get far more progress a whole lot sooner.
    Just do it! Don't give it up, it's easy and I know you can.

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    Re: Help

    Hi " statements reassuring the public patient needing intensive care is getting it are total nonsense " I think : the public patient is : the patience of the public and statements reassuring which mean the descriptions are reassuring . the subject is : the public patient needing intensive care and the verb is : is getting, it is : the object . hope you could understand what I mean, and hope I don't make some mistakes with it. bye !

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