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    Need help with the articles, Please !

    Talking about generalitties :

    1- Everybody loves the freedom.
    2- We all admire the beauty.

    The freedom and the beauty, right ? or should there be no "the" ?

    If no, then consider the following poetry, taking from a game called
    "Flames that render the silence"

    How do you explain using "the" before the word "silence" ?

    Also, heared in a video game:
    ...I love the killing...

    From a dictionary:
    the tasty meals of the Thai kitchen.

    Something else that I would like to ask about is what it means to use countable nouns that are not preceeded by any articles, notably in titles. Consider the following :

    1- House of the dead ( A title of a famous game )
    2- snake in the eagle's shadow ( A title of a famous movie )

    How would "house of the dead" differ from "The house of the dead" ? Please don't tell me that "The house of the dead" means a definite or particular house.. I mean, we all know that "the" can be used with countable nouns such as names of animals to stress out generalities, that is, the second title could have been "The snake in the eagle's shadow" ?

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    Re: Need help with the articles, Please !

    If you're talking in general, the it would be 'everyone love freedom/beauty' without the article. The sentence from the game sounds very strange- you will come across some strange English in games- they're often written by people whose first language isn't English.

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