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    Smile bringing on the heartbreak

    Could someone please explain those words in bold:

    1. you're bringing on the heartbreak
    2. I gotta shake you off

    3. And I betcha she don't love you like I do, and I betcha she's not giving you all that you need

    why use don't in this sentense?

    4. You're the only girl that I need, cause you're more beautiful than I have ever seen, I'm gonna take this night, and make it Evergreen.

    what does evergreen mean?

    FYI, those are from lyrics


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    Re: bringing on the heartbreak

    1 Making the singer feel unhappy
    2 Forget about you, stop having feeelings for you
    3 In some regional variations of English, people use the form 'she don't'.
    4 Long-lasting

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    Re: bringing on the heartbreak

    nice explanation
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