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    are /is arranging


    Another team of researchers--------a trip to Mexico.
    a. are arranging
    b. is arranging
    Which answer is correct? What is the subject here? "Team" or "researchers"?
    In my opinion "a" is correct because the members of the team are arranging a trip to Mexico. Shall I take "team" as the subject?

    Thank you

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    Re: are /is arranging

    I choose is arranging because the subject is the team, not the researchers.

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    Smile Re: are /is arranging

    yeah..the correct answer must be is arranging since the subject is the the team ..take the sentence..the team ,which consists of researcers, is arranging..
    if it were as you thought we would use a plural sebject such as teams etc..
    the team is a unit and you have to use the verb singular..
    i hope i could help
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